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You wont be able to bet on him again because the dice are being passed to the next shooter. The only drawback here is the fact that if the shooter rolls an 11 you will lose but unfortunately คาสิโนออนไลน์ ฟรี the same shooter will have the dice. Here you must exercise true discipline and not bet another bet on this shooter. The idea is one bet on one shooter. You are not to make multiple bets on the same shooter. Once you are on a number, the game turns heavily in a darksiders favor, since the seven has an edge over every number during the point cycle of the game. Keep in mind the darksider is in great danger only at the beginning of his wagering sequence since he loses on the 7 and 11 (eight ways to lose) but he only wins on the 2 and 3, with the 12 being a push. So he has a mere three ways to win. Eight ways to lose; three ways to win that is a tough situation. However, it all turns around when the darksider is on a number. Now he has six ways to win on the seven against three ways to lose on the 4 and 10 (a 2-to-one edge); six ways to win on the seven against four ways to lose on the 5 and 9 (a 3-to-2 edge) and six ways to win on the seven against five ways to lose on the 6 and 8 (a 6-to-5 edge).

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