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Police: Suspect shot Las Vegas teen in modified Russian roulette

Caruso said nothing, the report said, and “calmly walks to the kitchen sink, wets his hands and begins to clean his shoes.” After the shooting, Caruso replaced those shoes using about $300 taken from Matthew’s wallet, according to the arresting documents. The rest of the cash was spent on drugs, police said. “He cared more about his shoes,” Shanklin said of Caruso, breathing heavily as she cried. The money the suspects had allegedly taken from Matthew was cash he had gotten for his birthday, she said. Inside the stolen Mercedes, detectives found the wallet and the revolver they suspect was used in the shooting. When presented with this evidence, Caruso “broke down and admitted his involvement,” the report said. He claimed that the shooting was accidental and that he was high on Xanax at the time. It is not clear how long the house has been abandoned, but county property records show that it was sold in January for $390,000 to a limited liability company. Shanklin said that in the days since Matthew’s death, her son’s other friends have shown her photos of Harlan in the backyard of the Cool Lilac house.

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