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Heres how Ontario casinos blew $10 million in interest-free loans to gamblers

Providing house credit to gamblers is a controversial topic in the gaming world. OLG says it doesn There is a significant vetting process before granting credit.” The OLG also says this customer service is offered by large casino resorts around the world. The credit is short-term, interest-free and due within 30 days. Applications can be mailed in or filled out at the casinos, each of which has its own credit department that runs background checks. On the Fallsview credit application form, it says: “No need to carry cash. No interest — no fees. Easy 24 hour access.” To get credit, the gambler must provide a “countercheque,” which is like a postdated cheque. When the credit or “marker” comes due in 30 days, the casinos will try to collect from the account the gambler provided access to in the credit application. In the cases of the 605 unpaid accounts, a month after the credit was extended, there was no money where the gamblers said it would be. The unpaid credit data — obtained by the Star under freedom of information legislation — shows that there are, on average, more than 80 new delinquent credit accounts each year. “That’s concerning. It certainly play blackjack online free multiplayer does not sound stringent, especially if (the casinos) know they don’t get a chunk of the credit back,” said Pont, whose institute is part of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

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